Heated Mug

The Heated Mug switches on while it exposes a hot drink ignite up when the ideal temperature is transferred and turns off when you take your last sip, or after 30 minutes The Glowstone Heated mug seems to provide you the absolute mug of tea and coffee, without any agreement or intervention. It has been produced for use with all modern coffee

Ideal Drink Temperature

It is generally believed that tea and coffee should be utilized within 60-65 degrees and in a light, china mug to fully understand their flavors. The Glowstone Heated mug will hold your drink at this temperature best forward to the last drop.

Glowstone has thoughtfully examined every phase of the 'classic cuppa' through the design process and has produced you a mug that we consider makes tea and coffee taste more satisfying than you have ever had it before. Now you get the time to casually enjoy your coffee at your convenience.

It’s not only tea and coffee that tastes great out of the Glowstone Heated mug. Herbal and fruit mixtures, hot chocolate, soup, and all other hot booze taste fabulous out of it. Green and some herbal teas particularly come into their personal while drunk out of a Glowstone mug. These are suggested to be steeped at 75 to 80 degrees and for a more extended time than a normal cup of tea to allow the flavors to come out. The Glowstone Heated Mug assures that you can now ferment these correctly and yet enjoy a nice hot herbal tea next.

GlowStone Heated Mug Handle

If you have sharp eyesight, you may have seen that the handles on the mug have changed. A new handle has been produced that is both stronger and ergonomically produced, so the mug seems more stable. GlowStone Heated Mug will be only be allowing the new design of the handle except for the feedback a strong demand for the actual handle design.

GlowStone Heated Mug Dimensions

The Glowstone Heated Mug is the same size, volume, and weight as various household china mugs.

Capacity = 300ml(10.5 oz)

Weight = 320 kg

GlowStone Heated Mug means No More

The Glowstone Heated mug means there's no more:

Warming in the microwave and breaking the taste.

Pre-heating your milk as your coffee.

Heating your green and herbal teas just so you know to enjoy them hot.

Speeding to complete your drink whilst it is yet hot.

Resonant or plastic after taste from drinking your hot drink out of a rarefaction glass.

By joining the best sculpture with the latest technologies, we have produced a GlowStone Heated mug that will keep your drink at its excellent temperature, best feather to the last sip.